The Happiest Guy


by Dennis McCafferty, USA Weekend Magazine, ©March 9, 2003 He scored off the chart on every objective measurement we tested. Yet the emerging science of contentment suggests practical ways Gus Godsey — and anyone reading this article — could be even happier. As Charlie Brown and the “Peanuts” gang told us, happiness could be […] Read more »

Nation’s happiest man helps others beat blues


The Virginian-Pilot © March 7, 2003 Virginia Beach stockbroker J.P. “Gus” Godsey is the happiest man in America, according to the cover story in this week-end’s USA Weekend magazine, which claims 49 million readers. Interestingly enough, the magazine began its search for the happiest man by first locating the best place […] Read more »

Beach man named nation’s happiest


By JASON SKOG, The Virginian-Pilot © March 3, 2003 VIRGINIA BEACH — Who’s the happiest man in America? He’s not rich or powerful, so scratch Bill Gates and President Bush. And he’s not a famous movie or rock star, so forget Tom Cruise and Bruce Springsteen. According to the March 7-9 cover story […] Read more »