Harper Leigh Godsey born December 9, 2013

IMG_0532 (2)

A little baby girl was born to my nephew Nathan (Skeeter) and Megan Godsey on Tuesday AM in Indianapolis, IN.  He is the oldest son of my brother PJ.  It is the first grandchild in our family and everyone is thrilled.  I am going to visit over the holidays so […] Read more »

Volunteering at Durham Foodbank

MS Durham Foodbank pic 7-13

What a great time!  I like to have as much fun as anyone (too much Mama used to say) but there is nothing more enriching than volunteering, making a difference, doing something that lasts a bit beyond our instant gratification world.  This was with a great group at the Durham, […] Read more »

Halloween is right around the corner


Since Halloween is only weeks away what could be more scary than clowns,with the exception of the knuckleheads in Washington.  I don’t mean the Redskins. Clowns were always kind of creepy to me, even BOZO.  Who reminds me of a lot of my friends…but that’s another story.This was a great […] Read more »

With “Blue II” The Butler University Bulldog

Gus & Butler Bulldog  Dec,2012

It was a sad day on August 31, 2013.  Arguably the most famous mascot in college basketball history, “Blue II,” went on to that great “bone-house” in the sky.  Butler University, enrollment 4,500 out of Indianapolis, IN went to back to back National Championship basketball games in 2010 and again in 2011 losing to […] Read more »

President Bush Inauguration 2004

test 1

With our former President during inauguration festivities in 2005. Of course this was a cutout but I did get to meet him at the White House when I was invited to his Daughter’s wedding reception. I am not name dropping but wow, a beyond cool time, hangin’ with the big […] Read more »