With “Blue II” The Butler University Bulldog

It was a sad day on August 31, 2013.  Arguably the most famous mascot in college basketball history, “Blue II,” went on to thatGus & Butler Bulldog  Dec,2012 great “bone-house” in the sky.  Butler University, enrollment 4,500 out of Indianapolis, IN went to back to back National Championship basketball games in 2010 and again in 2011 losing to B-Ball giants, Duke (by a bucket), and then U-Conn.  He was loved by millions across the nation as he raced across the courts rawhide bone firmly planted in his lovable face leading his teams on to victory.

This picture was taken over Christmas 2012 at Hinkle Fieldhouse as I visited family that lives in Indy.  My nephew “Skeeter” is one of the Sports Marketing Directors for the school and took this picture right before tipoff at the “pre-game festivities.”  Blue was a ROCK STAR.  Crowds mobbed him, men envied him, and the chicks, “forgetaboutit.”  They were as star struck in his presence as teeny-boppers at an Elvis concert.  It is not hard to see why.  With his chiseled good looks, sports star physic, and the ever present Dean Martin “Cool,” he was “The Man.”   Fortunately, Blue is survived by BLUE III that will be know as “Trips.” He took over mascot duties this past March.   You bet I will get a picture with him when I go home to Indiana for the holidays and hopefully a date with some of his hanger-oners.