Harper Leigh Godsey born December 9, 2013

IMG_0532 (2)Meg-Nat-Baby 12-9-13A little baby girl was born to my nephew Nathan (Skeeter) and Megan Godsey on Tuesday AM in Indianapolis, IN.  He is the oldest son of my brother PJ.  It is the first grandchild in our family and everyone is thrilled.  I am going to visit over the holidays so I am pumped up.  I tell ya’ look at the mitts on this kid?  She will be a natural in the ring, and if the boys ever get fresh…she’ll give em’ so many left’s they’ll be beggin for a right!

To the right are the proud parents just moments after the birth.  Nathan’s nickname is “Skeeter.”  When he was born Nathanial, his Dad said he would go by Nathan.  I was sitting there with my best buddy from HS Dale Zopp.  I said “I think I’ll just call him Nat.”  Dale didn’t miss a beat and responded  with “Nat, heck if you’re going that far let’s just call him Skeeter.”  True story and the name stuck.  By the way, Skeeter is the name of the Fox in my new children’s book “How Scooter Gets His Tail Back.”