2013 Twelve Days of Christmas World Tour — Part 1


My annual Holiday trip visiting family and friends.  It was both “joyful and triumphant.”  Ya’ gotta’ love that line from “The Grinch.”  It was literally over the river, through the woods and SNOW this year.  I left Virginia Beach on 12/22/13 and got back on New Years Day tired, broke and spent but thrilled to again realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by people that I love.

We  tell each other the same lies we have for 40 years, we watch tons of football, we stay up too late and they throw me out in the AM.  Sometimes literally.  I head down the road for the next victim and on and on.  It is killer fun and when I get home I sleep for two days.  Here are some pics from the first days of the tour.  The paparazzi took them.

In brief, Sunday, Elkins, WV at the Patellas’.   Diane was sweetheart of the fraternity Chris and I belonged to at West Virginia Wesleyan.  We were in each other’s weddings and their daughter is an angel.  She told me to pipe down on the snoring.  Young whipper snapper!  Dr. Miller was my best pal from High school in Buckhannon, WV where this pic was taken.  He is still my dentist and he made my teeth all pearly white for my tour so I could be pretty.  Well, he did his best. We were in each other’s wedding too. Fortunately theirs lasted longer than mine.  Rodney and Chris McGee were more HS friends.  I ran into Rodney in Buckhannon for lunch.  He ended up needing a ride to Dayton, OH to pick up a car… right where I was going.  What are the odds of that?  He was a terrible co-pilot however as we got lost in a Taco Bell drive- through and ended up across the border.   Next, the nicest couple in the world, the Callahans’.  She was also a fraternity sweetheart and his nickname is Harpo…go figure.  They live in Pt. Marion, PA where he is the grand poobah.

Last, my two nephews when we were out  “water-holing” in Indianapolis the day after Christmas.  Nathan is the new Dad I blogged about earlier and Joel allowed me to stay with him in his new house during my four days there.  He said I snored too so I stole his Christmas leftover sandwiches for the drive.  That ill’ teach him.

More later.