They say “college students flunk Happiness”

Scooter's Friends from Chapter One

Scooter and Friends, from Chapter 1 of “How Scooter Gets His Tail Back”

What are they CRAZY!!!

The greatest four years of my life I spent at West Virginia Wesleyan College (The Harvard of the South).  I am still best buddies, guys and gals with the wonderful friends I met there 30 plus years ago.  A recent article in USA Today (who I want to go easy on them since they were the paper that named me “The Happiest Man In America”), stated college grads aren’t too happy.  The paper goes on to say less than 3% of the students “…reported having the type of campus experience that some studies suggest can lead to career and personal well-being.”

Well cry me a river.  The problem is pretty simple to me.  They are whiners who spent the majority of their four years (of I forgot, it supposedly takes five now, because it is so hard) in school with their heads wrapped around video games and their cell phones vs. learning social skills by joining clubs, fraternities/sororities and the like.  OH, and how about a job while they were in school too so they can learn the concept of “no free lunches.”  That may have helped cut down on the debt they have when they graduated plus given them a concept of self worth.

Do I sound a bit agitated by this “entitlement” mentality they are demonstrating.  Sure I am!  I think I know a thing about happiness.  Like anything else, it takes work, something unfortunately many of our new grads are finding hard to come by.  Now before you think I am being “insensitive” (man is that word is starting to Frizz me) I do feel bad for the guys and gals who are stuggling in these hard times.  But on the other hand, a lot of that is self inflicted and we all know it.  Nobody forced anybody to take out $400,000 to go to school.  That is irresponsible.  And while I am at it, nobody starts at the top.  I didn’t, and probably you didn’t either.  Now with that said, let’s do the best we can to help them, and each other while we are at it, stay happy.  Til’ Then!