Enough is Enough: We all have to STOP THE BULLYING

Bullying!  Almost every day we hear the tragic news of a child dropping out of school or falling behind, running away from home, or worst takibully1ng their lives all do to the reckless tragedy of bullying.  It literally makes me sick.   I mean my stomach aches, head becomes numb and heart breaks with each story.  These kids maybe different, maybe not.  Maybe they march to the beat of their own drum, I don’t know.  I just read the stories and am stunned.  Then I get angry.

We have got to STOP IT.  We ALL need to make this a priority in our lives.  We need to step in, say something, stand up and the bully’s will stand down.  I am, with the grace of God, and perseverance to carry on, making this a major priority in my life and I hope you will too.

In the following weeks, I will be blogging about stories of my life when I was bullied.  One time I got beat up, rolled down a hill and pee’ed on by the 2nd grade “mafia” when I was in kindergarten walking home from school.  I am not making that up.  I will also discuss inspirational times that I or someone else intervened to stop a bully-punk from intimidating a smaller person.  That is something we all can do!  Together, as with all great things in life, we can make a difference.

My new book “How Scooter Get’s His Tail Back,” is being released this month.  It is aimed at 8-12 years of age and tells a story where the lead character, Scooter, bully’s, calls his friends names and generally acts like he is anxious for his Father to take him to the wood shed for a one on one with a paddle.  With the help and support from friends, people can change.  That is what happens to Scooter.  More on that later.  “Scooter’s”  is available at all of the normal outlets on line both in hard copy and eBook.  As always, thanks for the ear