Let me tell you how I was bullyed…at 5 years old!

"How Scooter Get's His Tail Back"  Chapter 3
“How Scooter Get’s His Tail Back” Chapter 3

I am not whining, crying or dieing.  I am living life in AMERICA in the middle of this fantastic  Summer of 2014.  Since I have been focused on bullying, and will continue to, I want to tell you about the first time I was bullied.  When I say I hate bullying, I have been-there, done-that.  Take a look and see.

In 1962 we lived, Mom, Sister-Sue, Brother-PJ, in a semi-ghetto (heck it was worse than semi, it was a ghetto) in Lancaster, PA. on Rockland and Dauphin Streets.  Tough neighborhood!  Our elementary school was directly across the street from our two story brownstone.  Mom was working three jobs to take care of three kids and trying to save some dough to get us out of the joint.  We walked to school and back home to a sitter who watched us until Mom got home.

I was 5 and in kindergarten and my teacher was Ms. Carol (who was my first love but that’s another  story).  I left class and headed home one snowy afternoon dressed like Ralphy’s little brother in “The Christmas Story.”  It was a classic snow suit.  Three kids, a couple of grades older, surrounded me and started shoving me around, calling me names, you know the story.  There was a small hill right by the school that they shoved me down and then they all started peeing on me…laughing and calling me names.   Seriously they pee’d on me until my snow suit was soaked.  A lot of pent up racism for three 8-9 year old black kids who had been taught to hate whites.

They walked away laughing, looking back, mocking “the baby.”  These were beyond bad guys.  They were nasty mean.   I was crying and scared and ran up the hill and across the street and into the arms of my second mother, Mrs. Shriner.   She was a huge black lady who thought of me as her own baby.  She looked like she could have been in “Gone With the Wind.”  I loved her.  Well her eyes bugged out and she grabbed a rolling pin in one hand, and me in the other, and we flew out the door.  My feet did not touch the floor (kind of like the picture of Scooter above).  I know to this day she would have wore those boys britches out had she caught them.

That’s it.  Those boys were bullies who had been taught hatred by their parents.  I learned to forgive them and even felt sorry for someone like that who could hate at such a young age.  Please join me with my passion and let’s make stopping bullying a priority.

Please pick up a copy of my just released book,  “How Scooter Gets His Tail Back” at all the usual places on line in hard copy or eBook.  It has a strong anti-bullying theme.  If you like it, please let me know and better yet, let the place where you got it know.  Til’ then, with love, Gus.