“How Scooter Get’s His Tail Back” on shelf display at Barnes & Noble

Scooter Book Cover Hi All

Just got this email from a friend in VA Beach, John Del Russo, the illustrator of my new book (the picture will be posted shortly).  He was shopping in Barnes & Noble and saw a copy of my new children’s book “How Scooter Gets His Tail Back,” on the stores shelves and actually being displayed, picture below.  As many of you know this is really tough thing to get done, getting shelf space.  So the bottom line I am going to enjoy the moment.

Trust me, they ain’t clearing off a spot on the NY Times best seller list just yet.  If you have interest, the book is available at all of the usual places on line as well as my website, www.MrHappyUSA.com in both hard and e-book form.

Again, this book has a strong Anti-Bullying message.  As the Blues Brothers said in their classic movie “I am on a mission from God” to get this message out that we are not going to tolilate this anymore