If these guys had been in Ferguson, NO Trouble, NO Bullies

These are two of the nicest Policemen I have ever met.  They were working on opening day of the Irish Festival in Milwaukee.  We had a candid conversation about the terrible situation in Ferguson.  They were honest, open and objective.  I believe if more officers like these two fine gentlemen were in MO, cooler heads would have prevailed.  I’ll tell you one thing, they would not have tolerated bullying, screaming, looting or other foolishness.  They would have welcomed and protected the peaceful protesters.

God Bless the men and women who serve and protect.

My anti-bullying book “How Scooter Gets His Tail Back” is available at all of the usual on line sites or ask for it at your local bookstore.  Please read it and review it and let’s put the bullying to a stop.

Two great guys and a a cheesecake in the middle.

Two great guys and a cheesecake in the middle.