The Art of Happiness…Volunteering

This is the Virginia Beach Polar Plunge 2016.  You want to see whatPolar Plunge 2016

happiness looks like, take a gander at this.  This was our “Roma Lodge Team #254.”   We were six strong and raised $2,600 toward the $1.2MM for the event.  It is not just the frigid water that had us giddy, it was the euphoric feeling of giving back.  It is being involved.  It is making a difference by DOING.  The #3 Happyism in “How To Be Happy EVERY DAY” mentions the specific scientific study detailing how people that give back, get back many times over.  There are so many that need and so many of us that can give.  Your church, school, civic league, little league team, neighbor or yes, even your Roma Lodge are great places to start.  As Aerosmith sang “Train Kept a rolling,” let’s all roll today!