Lost My Sister Sue

I lost my sister Sue last year to cancer.  She went in the hospital for lung surgery.  She woke up after the operation and was fine.  She even ate a sub my brother brought in.  I am not saying she was doing back-flips, but she was alert and talkative.  That only lasted 24 hours and she slipped into a semi-coma on a Saturday.  Her organs began to shut down and she was gone seven days later.

I got the call from my family and caught a plane out to Indianapolis on Monday AM.  I visited with Sue in the AM for three hours and then in the evening for another hour or two every day.  Her eyes would open for a few minutes then drift shut.  The Saturday night before she passed I spent three hours with her playing Mills Brothers songs (they are both her’s and my favorites).  To tell you the truth, it got late and I think I saw her roll her eyes kind of saying “OK Gus, I am tired of your singing so hit the bricks and let me get some shut eye.”

I just thought I would share this even though it should have been posted some time ago. I just got it together enough to put the words down.    I miss Sue much even though we fought to much as siblings can do.   She would never miss my wrestling matches, made me homemade gifts when she ran out of Christmas present ideas, and came to spend summer vacations with me here in Virginia Beach.  She was a one of a kind.  Here’s to you Sue,

Sibling Love with sister Sue

Sibling Love with sister Sue

‘ll see you on the next go around.