President Bush Inauguration 2004

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With our former President during inauguration festivities in 2005. Of course this was a cutout but I did get to meet him at the White House when I was invited to his Daughter’s wedding reception. I am not name dropping but wow, a beyond cool time, hangin’ with the big […] Read more »

Polar Plunge


Just ready to take a dip in the second biggest swimming pool in the world. This was in Virginia Beach, winter 2013, the annual “Polar Plunge” benefiting the Special Olympics. I was on the Sons of Italy Roma Lodge Team #254 from here at the beach. This pic is with […] Read more »

College Graduation with Nathan “Skeeter” Godsey 2008


 Sitting with my nephew “Skeeter” in Indianapolis right after he graduated from college in 2008.  He, along with his older sister Harmony and younger brother Joel, are great nephews and nieces.  They would always come to the beach, multi friends in tow, for Spring break each year.  Kinda’ made me want to go back to college. […] Read more »