How To Be Happy EVERY DAY — Preface, Table of Contents, and Foreword


This book is packed with helpful advice on how to survive these hard times with a smile. Gus grabs the bull by the horns and rips through a tough environment like a steak knife through hot butter. This book follows his first bestselling book, “How To Be Happy EVERY DAY”. It covers, in plain English, tips on how to get more out of life this minute. Check out the table of contents. Take a spin on the foreword written by Dennis McCafferty, of USA Weekend Magazine, who selected J.P. “Gus” Godsey as “The Happiest Man in America” back in 2003. He knows more than anyone how Gus’s grasp of the simple, turns hard times into happy ones. This 13-chapter book is a quick read, but still offers stories that make your jaw drop from disbelief, your belly ache from laughing, and your mind race as to how you can implement these helpful tips into your life.

There are tips here on money, politics, and getting out of that proverbial pot hole that we all find ourselves in now and again. Quotes from Groucho Marx, Rodney Dangerfield, Benjamin Franklin, and Forest Gump show how this real stuff equates to real solutions for real lives.

Gus shares his unwavering belief in volunteering, giving back means getting back. He has a solid belief in God and he knows that results in a brighter outlook. And…the brightness starts today.

Look at the list of testimonials from a slew of respected folks. The “Amazing Kreskin” says it best, “J. P. “Gus” Godsey could not have written “How To Be Happy In HARD TIMES” at a more appropriate time. I wish my late friend, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, were alive today to share the dynamic excitement that explodes from this book. It is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read. It can and it will change your life. THAT I FORESEE!”

There’s a lot more happiness happening at website: Gus invites you to take the ride with him in “How To Be Happy In HARD TIMES”.


Foreword Dennis McCafferty of USA Weekend Magazine
Introduction My Story in a Nutshell
Chapter One Thoughts From “How To Be Happy EVERY DAY”
Chapter Two Don’t Ever Be Afraid To Ask For Help
Chapter Three Stuff Happens and Sometimes…It’s Ain’t Pretty
Chapter Four If You Write It…It Will Come
Chapter Five A List To Get You Started, Think Of It As Priming The Pump
Chapter Six AFFIRMATIONS, They Are A Powerful Tool
Chapter Seven On Money, Let’s Face It, This Is A Big One
Chapter Eight On Politics, Three Things To Make Everyone Happy
Chapter Nine Volunteering, Giving Back Means Getting Back
Chapter Ten On Life and How To SWING It
Chapter Eleven Get Rockin’
Chapter Twelve Faith, Prayer and a Relationship with God
Chapter Thirteen That’s A Wrap


Dennis McCafferty of USA Weekend Magazine

“Your retirement savings is sliced in half. You’re facing a prospective layoff. Your kids need braces, sports-team apparel and Wii consoles, and you have no idea where the money is going to come from. Meanwhile, you owe more on your mortgage than your home is worth.

We’ve been through some rough-and-tumble times lately, haven’t we? Most of what’s happened is out of our control. But here’s what we can control:

We control the way we handle the punches. We can either let our spirits sink with each bad card, or rise above it.

That’s what J.P. Godsey – the Happiest Man in America – has to tell you. In this entertaining and reflective 13-chapter book, he shows us how going through life with an affirmative mindset can get us through the hard knocks. And we can expand our base of happiness by volunteering and getting out of the black hole of our existence by finding new, exciting challenges and social outlets. I know J.P. He is uniquely qualified for this, because, for a USA WEEKEND Magazine cover story, I discovered – through interviews and scientific testing – that he is indeed a uniquely content person who has captured the elusive essence of happiness.

In reading J.P.’s words, I’m reminded of a great, old Mary Tyler Moore episode. Mary was in the ruts for the entire show. Nothing horrible had happened. She was just feeling rundown in the day-to-day routine of producing a TV news show.

By the end of the episode, she tells the station’s resident buffoon, anchorman Ted Baxter, about the source of her unhappiness. She says she does the same thing every day. (I’m paraphrasing from memory here.) “I get up. I brush my teeth. I walk outside and drive to work …” Her delivery is a slow, flat monotone devoid of any pleasure.

Ted listens attentively. And, for perhaps the only time in the entire history of the show, he presents a wise and wonderful perspective. He brightens up Mary’s daily life by telling her that she’s approaching her daily life from the wrong angle. (Again, I am going by my memory here.) “You need to GET UP!” he tells her, his smile and enthusiasm infectious. “Brush your teeth! Walk outside and DRIVE to work …” She immediately realizes that she has to change from within herself – as opposed to changing her exterior activities – to reach happiness.

J.P. Knows this, and can tell you how to get there. Happy reading!”

Dennis McCafferty
Senior Writer